Anti-Aging Practices of Women with Different Economic Statuses

Author/s: Nilüfer Korkmaz Yaylagül, Suzan Yazıcı, Gülgün Gündüz, Cem Oktay Güzeller

DOI: 10.16917/iusosyoloji.284532

OnlineFirst published on December 31, 2016

Year: Vol: Number:


The concept of anti-aging consists of several themes, such as practices that promote health, surgical procedures, and medical interventions. These practices and the sociological dimensions of anti-aging have not been widely researched in Turkey. As such, the need exists for research in the field of anti-aging. This research aims to compare the anti-aging practices of women with different socioeconomic statuses. A total of 605 face-to-face interviews have been conducted in Antalya whereby the respondents’ views and practices of anti-aging were compared against their income. The results of the study reveal the perception of anti- aging to be practices towards youth and beauty. The expenditures and frequency of anti-aging practices were related to respondents’ income.

Anti-Aging • Youth • Beauty • Wellness • Woman

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