Masturbatory Dreams of Education for Ameliorating “X”: Power and Privilege to Professional Educators Increased

Author/s: Madhu Suri Prakash, Dana L. Stuchul

DOI: 10.16917/sd.59963

OnlineFirst published on December 11, 2015

Year: 2015 Vol: 35 Number: 1


The greatest radical thinker of the 20th century, Ivan Illich, wrote the archaeology of all the modern professions. This began with his exegesis of the educational enterprise in Deschooling Society which few understood and most dismissed. To understand Illich’s 21st century relevance, “Masturbatory Dreams” is one piercing entry into his reflections post-Deschooling Society.

Ivan Illich; radical social thought; philosophy/sociology of education; professions; professional hegemony

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