Sociological Evaluation of the Dissertations Completed in Educational Administration Graduate Programmes

Author/s: Evrim Erol, Emel Tüzel

DOI: 10.16917/sd.56464

OnlineFirst published on December 11, 2015

Year: 2015 Vol: 35 Number: 1


The purpose of this study is to analyze the theses completed between 1986-2010 in the field of Educational Administration, Inspection, Planning and Economy Program within the educational sociology context. The significance of this study is considered to demonstrate the relationship between educational management and educational sociology and determining the role of the education managers in sociological research in Turkey. It can also be said that the study will be helpful to identify the PhD thesis which has been completed at the departments other then the sociology departments in the faculties or graduate schools in Turkey.

In this study, qualitative research methods were conducted. Specifically, document analysis technique, which was expressed as the systematic examination of existing records and documents, was used as the source of data. The process for obtaining data can be summarized as follow: In the first step, all the PhD theses in the archive of National Thesis Center, which were completed in the field of Educational Administration, Inspection, Planning and Economy Program, were listed. In the second step, these theses were classified as in the field of educational sociology, according to the criteria set by the researchers. In the last step, the accessed full texts and summaries of electronically stored theses were classified in terms of research subject, design of study, title, purpose, research questions, data collection instruments, data analysis, population, sample, method of data analysis, conclusion and recommendations by the “Thesis Review Form” and “Thesis Summary Review Form” prepared by researchers. The frequencies (f) and percentages (%) were calculated to analyze the gathered data.

Educational Administration, Inspection, Planning and Economy Program, PhD thesis, educational sociology.

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