The Authority Problem in Education beyond the Dilemma between Hyper-individualism and Authoritarianism


DOI: 10.16917/IU/tjs.05887

OnlineFirst published on December 11, 2015

Year: 2015 Vol: 35 Number: 1


It can be seen that education in twenty-first century has fragility both in Turkey and in other countries. Figures of authority such as parents, school and state are need to be repositioned with regard to the increase of hyper-individualism. In this case, the solution neither can be  reconstruction  of “traditionalist discourse” nor focus on “unlimited freedom”. The real problem in twenty-first century is the establishment of authority in education which is convenient for democratic values. Thus, the construction of educational legitimacy would be possible by reconstruction of the Paideia. Greek originated concept Paideia states that education demands activities of citizens in Polis however at the same time fundamental domains in this activity are need to be internalizated by individual.

Education, authority, authoritarianism. autonomy, paideia, Cornelius Castoriadis

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