Undergraduate Sociology Students’ Approaches To Learning And Study Skills


DOI: 10.16917/sd.61538

OnlineFirst published on December 11, 2015

Year: 2015 Vol: 35 Number: 1


This study determined approaches to learning and study skills of undergraduate students in sociology. In addition, this research attempted to investigate whether or not there was any correlation in students’ approaches to learning in regards to age, gender, grade, perceived academic achievement. 278 undergraduate sociology’s students participated in this descriptive study. The datas were gathered through the administration of The Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST) by the researcher. Datas were evaluated by numbers, percentages, means, standard deviations, ANOVA, pearson’s moment correlation coefficient and t- test. .Some of the basic findings of the study could be outlined as follows: students of departments of sociology preferred deep and strategic learning approaches significantly higher than surface learning approach. In addition, The ASSIST scores of students according to their sex, grade and perception of academic achievment were examined and discussed in this paper.

Approaches to learning and study skills, sociology, sociology students

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